meet three of our new trainees

       Mandala House is excited to introduce four
                                                               of our newest teacher-trainees!

2013 was an ambitious summer for Mandala House.  In June we were joined by
24 students, eager to undertake our second intensive yoga teacher-training, this time with
Suann Polverari.  It was long and hard work, and not everyone successfully completed the task.  It was tough, but we narrowed Phase II down to just
8 trainees.  Those that showed the most commitment, physical ability, and
natural leadership qualities were chosen to continue on the path to becoming Mandala House Yoga Teachers.

Once their training is completed, these new teachers will offer yoga as part of mental-health programs at local NGOs working with war-affected youth.  Currently, we offer free classes at: The Remand Home, Mental-Health Unit--Gulu, The Gulu Prison (men & women), St. Monica's School for Girls, and St. Jude's Orphanage & School, while we look for grants to cover those costs. 


Our goal for 2014 is to secure more contracts with organizations -- such as those we now have with SOS Uganda, Thrive, and Tribe -- working to heal trauma in post-conflict zones.  Long-term, these contracts ensure a sustainable income for all of our teachers by creating real jobs supported by the community.

You can help us now by sponsoring these new teachers and their fellow yogis as they complete our Mentorship Program under the guidance of our Senior Staff.

You can read about one of our superstars in this recent Huffington Post piece. 

$100 dollars a month is all it takes to support a local yoga teacher in Gulu, Uganda!  Sign-up for monthly donations and you not only help provide income to one of our instructors – you also support the continued healing for each of the students they teach!  Donate here!